Moroka Swallows

Izinyoni – Follow the birds

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The Dobsonville Birds from Soweto. Izinyoni. In South African football certainly a force to be reckoned with. We glorified the players, and wowed the spectators. We breathed life into the dream team.

Don’t follow me. Follow the birds.


Whether we were branding the transport that took our players from match to match or tweaking their kit by pulling up their socks or keeping sponsors happy as the players inspiringly won game after game.

A team is not a team, unless there is cohesion in the coaching, as well as the brand. There is a lot to be said for pride.


  • The Moroka Swallows logo
  • Players kit
  • Collateral for sponsors
  • Supporters Club card
  • Player cards and posters
  • Music CD
  • Vehicle branding