Helping to roll out low cost super fast wi-fi for everyone in South Africa

Featured image for “TooMuchWiFi”

TooMuchWifi was started with the aim of making internet accessible and affordable to everyone. Without connectivity, the digital divide becomes an economic divide.

To drive an initiative like this, the branding has to be strong. And so does the website.


We redesigned the TooMuchWifi logo, making it a stronger and more memorable. The logo easily identifies the nature of the business – WiFi. It is designed so that it can be hand painted on walls and yet always leave a positive impression on consumers.

We also designed their website, keeping it simple and vibrant. This is a key tool in their business – especially on cellphones.


  • Redesign of the TooMuchWifi logo
  • AirFibre logo design
  • Hotspot logo design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Apparel guidelines
  • Shop branding guidelines and signage
  • Promotional items such as stickers and posters
  • Vehicle branding
  • Website development and maintenance